Tyres are made to last. Every manufacturer tries to make a more durable and longer lasting set of tyres, and with technology improvements, they are managing to do so. Even though this is great for the car owners, getting rid of them has proven to be very difficult. The main problem with tyres is that they take a lot of time to degrade naturally, and burning them is extremely bad for the environment. Burning tyres is actually banned in some countries because they release a lot of toxic fumes during this process.

Luckily for us, we are still left with a couple of ways to safely dispose of – or use – the old tyres. The first option is recycling, and it has become one of the best ways to get rid of everything old, including tyres. And the second one demands a little bit of creativity because we are going to use old tyres in home improvement projects. In this article, we will cover both options and explain what the benefits of either of them are.


How to recycle old tyres?

Advancements in technology opened a whole new way of disposing of old tyres through the recycling process. Before recycling became the standard way of destroying old tyres, they were usually tossed into rivers, lakes or even burned in the fields. With modern environmental regulations, this way of disposal was banned and the only legitimate way is to recycle them.

The recycling process separates all the different materials found in tyres and finds a new use for them. For example, non-rubber parts, like steel beads, are used by steel mills to manufacture new steel, and rubber parts of tyres are used for creating alternative fuel sources or new building materials. As you can see, the possibilities are really wide and with constant technological advancements scientists come up with new ways very often. If you ever find yourself with a stack of old tyres, there is a number of different legal ways to get rid of them. Our friends over at Tyreright told us that the best – and cheapest – way is to take them to the closest recycling facility. Another option is to take them to the tyre retailer, but they might charge you a small fee for their disposal.

Creative home improvement projects using old tyres

Other than recycling, tyres can be repurposed and used in your backyard, garden or even living room. The way you are going to decorate the old tyre and use it is totally up to your liking, but here are our favourite ways. To do this type of DIY project you will need time, patience and – of course – imagination.

First of all, old tyres fit perfectly in your garden. You can use them as flower pots or raised beds for growing vegetables, just put some colour on them so your garden doesn’t look like a tyre dump. One more thing you can do is stack 2-3 tyres and put a glass sheet on top of them. This would make for a great coffee table – if you choose to do this, don’t forget to secure the tyres together. Also, if you know how to knit, you can make a cover for one tyre and use it as an ottoman. One last thing we would like to add is a classic that every backyard has to have – a tyre rope swing. It really is a perfect solution for old tyres, plus your children will have tons of fun.

As seen in our article, making use of your old tyres can even prove interesting with DIY projects. From making a flower pot in your garden to knitted ottoman for your living room, the possibilities really are endless. All you need is a little imagination and an open mind. But if you are not a creative person and just want to get rid of your tyres in a safe and responsible way, recycling is a perfect solution for you. By doing so, you are even helping the environment stay clean.