In the Rocket League game, you slam around Thunder dome style pitch in a hot rally vehicles while trying to smash the big “rocket ball” into the goal. It is a perfect marriage of soccer and the demolition derby. Now, think about bringing that into a real world with all these new tiny replicas of digital cars from hit game itself.

Collectible toys this tie into games are a hot, with the properties like Nintendo’s Amiibo, Activision’s Skylanders, and Disney’s Infinity promoting well with customers.

The initial run of 12 racing cars from the Rocket League game will go on sale that spring, every packaged in tiny little “rocket ball,” which doubles as a soccer ball in a video game.

The lovely little toy line is based on Original Minis collection from the Zag Toys, and a few will come with unique codes redeemable for in the game beauty upgrades for digital cars. To play with one in all these analog toy vehicles, you will simply place it on the ground, pull back, and let fly just like little cars we played with as children.

First Rocket League game racers coming to toy line are named Dominus, Octane, Masamune, Grog, Hotshot, X-Satan, Backfire, and Merc with 4 different as yet un-named variants vying for your $. If you are ready for much more Rocket League mini automobile enjoyable.