A new car is a costly investment, but for many the cost is worthwhile. In today’s society, people spend a significant amount of time in their vehicles. The interior of a car should be a spacious and luxurious area where drivers and passengers are comfortable. The exterior of a vehicle makes a statement about the personality and status of the owner. A particular car is more than a way to reach a destination; it is a way of life.

Due to the importance people place on their cars, both as a necessary form of transportation and a beloved possession, there is a desire to keep a car in the best working order. This involves inspections, services, and diagnostics. Making regular maintenance a part of your schedule and servicing the car immediately when other repairs or replacement parts are needed will increase the value of the car and lengthen its working life.

Regular Maintenance Requirements

Regardless of climate or location, there are certain maintenance services that should be performed regularly. The useful life of oil is usually three months for older vehicles and up to six months for newer cars. However, road conditions, frequent stopping and starting, and other factors alter the recommended intervals for an oil change. What is consistent is the need to change a car’s oil before it becomes useless sludge inside the vehicle.


Other fluids also need to be checked and refilled from time to time. These necessary fluids include brake fluid, power steering fluid, coolant for the radiator, and washer fluid. Finally, it is important to service various parts of the car. The engine air filters should be replaced every 50,000 kilometres, and most tires last between 40,000 kilometres and 80,000 kilometres depending on the brand of tire, type of vehicle, and the condition of the roads.

Unique Car Issues Due to Dubai’s Heat

The extremely high temperatures during summer in Dubai can have specific effects on vehicles. Sitting in a stationary car due to rush hour traffic jams causes occupants to run the air conditioning extra high. This burns fuel more quickly and drains the battery, and can also lead to the car overheating because coolant levels fall too low. A mechanic that understands car repair in Dubai will be able to run diagnostics and perform inspections to catch these issues before they become major problems.

Additionally, those pesky fluid levels that should be regularly checked and maintained are more likely to be affected by the extreme heat. The engine oil in particular can be affected and should be changed more regularly as the steamy summer sets in.

Another concern with cars in Dubai is the effects of the steaming hot roads on tires and their tread. The blacktop soaks up the strong sun and its temperature rises to levels unheard of in other parts of the world. This blazing hot street can wear down a tire’s tread more quickly. During and after the hottest parts of summer it is important to have tires checked. As well, the road temperatures can become so high that fragile or old tires can actually explode. It would be much better to have your tires regularly inspected by a mechanic.