Are you new to Mumbai? Do you need a place to buy an old car? Do you want to be sure of the condition of the car and buy it only after being fully satisfied? If the answers to the above questions are yes, then Truebil is an ideal platform for you. This is the best website for finding out used cars in Mumbai.

Why should you buy a used car?

If you have decided to buy a car for your need, but do not want to cut a big hole in your pocket, you can think of buying a used car. It’s not always that you have the money to buy the car you want to. You may also be in need of a car for some trivial reasons. There may be many other financial reasons which may prompt you to buy an old car. This is when you should decide to go for a second hand car. Then you need a reliable platform to find a good vehicle. Also, you may want to avoid the dealers and the brokers who will unnecessarily take a fee to inform you about a used car. This is where Truebil fits the bill.

Why Truebil?

Truebil is a wonderful online platform to help you buy used cars in Mumbai. With more than a thousand satisfied buyers, this ever expanding marketplace makes it very easy for you to make your second hand car purchase. The most important thing is that one can browse through a variety of used cars from this platform.  The entire process of car trading becomes very simple where the car owners get someone best suited to handle their possessions, and seekers find suitable used vehicles.  An authentic and verified way to find used cars, this website is quickly rising on the popularity charts. The dedicated team of Truebil also has partners which help in providing the auxiliary services related to the purchase of a car.

The Advantages

This place is a one stop destination for all car buyers. The process of making the purchase is very transparent, as one gets to buy the car after a test drive. All the document related matters are looked after by Truebil and you can be sure of the insurance too. If you are running short of finances, arrangements for a loan can also be made. The cars are hand inspected and verified and only those cars are put for sale that have never met with an accident. The best thing is that all the price negotiations are done by Truebil and you get to pay the best price.

The Process

The moment a car owner puts his car on this site for sale, Truebil schedules an inspection according to the convenience of the seller. People visit the seller, inspect the car and collect all genuine reports. They leave no detail to imagination. These car details are then uploaded along with the car on the site. The would-be owners can shortlist suitable options from the database. The site also recommends the users on which car to buy, if they are not being able to take a decision. Then a short test drive is arranged for the buyer. After getting satisfied the decision to buy it is finally taken. Truebil then looks after all the paperwork and after sales service.

TruebilFor Sellers

Truebil is an ideal website for all car lovers. There would be no buyers if there are no sellers. It is the best website for used cars in Mumbai. Keeping this in mind, this online platform is seller friendly as well. The process is simple for them as well. They need to fill in the requisite details and wait for a car inspection to be done. After this formality the car’s listing is uploaded on the site, following which they start getting calls from the customers. More interestingly, the valuation of the cars is also done so that they get the best value for their cars. If a car owner takes the help of this site, he can be assured that he will get only genuine buyers and his chances of selling the car increase manifold.