You view a car as an extension of your identity, so you want it to reflect your unique style and personality.  Customize your car to reflect your passions, goals, and beliefs. Decorating your car is fun but it can also be expensive

Save money by planning out your car decorating project. After you’re done, follow our list of cheap ways to personalize your car.

 Set a Budget

Break it down into smaller parts to help determine how much money to distribute toward each decorating item. Next, rank them from most to least important.

 Add or eliminate items as you compare cost and decorating needs.

 Shop Aftermarket Stores

Aftermarket stores offer a wide range of used auto parts and accessories. Find a variety of design and personalized items at these shops. Check business directories to find local aftermarkets.

Aftermarkets sometimes lack creative design choices, but they are ideal shops for basic and small car changes, such as new tires, mirrors, and standard seat covers.

Clip Coupons

Groupon provides over 75,000 coupons at over 11,000 stores. This makes shopping for any product, whether it’s finding WWE wrestling related car decal or a new car stereo system, Groupon offers the coupons necessary to make shopping easier.

Use Groupon to buy all your car accessories, or to get discounts on certain car services, such as an oil change.

Keep it Simple

Stay on budget by only adding a few design touches. For example, only add a few key necessities to your car, such as new floor mats and seat covers.

These simple interior changes liven up any car. Add some design to your car’s exterior with stickers representing your hobbies. Stickers are one of the cheapest ways to add some pop to your vehicle.

Barter or Find Free Stuff

Search Craigslist’s’ free and barter sections. Craigslist’s free section sometimes lists items in very good or new condition, because people want to get rid of these items quickly, usually due to not enough space or a major move.

The barter section shows people who are trying to trade items for other items. If you have something in your house that needs to go, see if you can find someone willing to trade it for items that your car needs.

Be cautious. Craigslist can offer a wide range of cheap and free items, but it can also offer various schemers. Ask lots of questions. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. When picking up an item from someone’s home, bring multiple people.

Be persistent and always search for discounts and deals. This will lead you to the best deals and items to make sure your car reflects your personality.