Texas car owners love their cars like few others and show it in all the right ways. From giving them the kind of wax job that blinds on a sunny day to memorizing every detail car wash Houston has to offer, we love to show the world that we know how to take care of our cars. If you are looking for the best way to care for your car, Houston car lovers, we have some tips that can make that car look and run better every time.

The 3000 Mile Oil Change Myth

Let’s just start with the most basic of maintenance, the oil change. True, old school thinking is that you should be changing that puppy every three thousand miles, but is that enough or even too often? Today’s cars are high performance vehicles that demand a lot from their engines but are also engineered to take on more then they did in the old days.

If you live in a big city, such as Houston, then you may find that you are doing more short trips with lots of starts and stops throughout the day. This will be hard on your engine and so cause you to need to change your oil more often. Our weather can get pretty hot in the summer. If you need to drive long distances at high speeds on highways in the summer, that too is hard on the oil and will mean it loses its ability to protect your engine faster. This may mean changing the oil sooner then that magical three thousand miles. The answer – check your oil frequently and change it the moment you notice it is getting dark.

Hoses and Belts Versus Houston Heat

Sometimes we forget that the hoses and belts in our cars are made from rubber. That means that in the extreme summer heat we tend to experience here in Houston these can crack from the heat and leave us vulnerable. If you have driven a lot in extreme weather of any kind they could become frayed from the tension and snap while you are driving.

If you are checking your oil on a regular basis, as you should be, then just do a quick check of your belts and hoses to be sure they don’t look like they need replacement. Better to replace them when they are first showing signs of wear then to wait until they fail you in the middle of some god-forsaken roadway in the country or on a winter day in a neighborhood you don’t trust. Life has enough risks without adding to them.

Maintain Tire Safety

Our tires are the only thing between us and the hard, cold road. We all know that, but we still tend to take them for granted. If you are working at getting yourself in the habit of checking out the oil and belts every month, why not add your tires to that monthly checklist?

Two simple things you need to check are tire tread depth and air pressure. Neither of these will take more than a minute and doing them could save your life. Use the old penny trick for tire treads. If you insert a penny into the treads and Lincoln’s head disappears, it is time to get new tires.