Although Sri Lanka maintains an effective public transport service such as buses, trains and three wheelers, the most comfortable way of getting around in Sri Lanka is by way of hiring a private vehicle. There are many rent a car Sri Lanka services around the island for the convenience of tourists and anyone else wanting to get from one end to the other end of the island.

When you visit any car rental Sri Lanka and state your requirements, they will present you with a rental agreement. This is a document highlighting the contract between you and the company. Insurance details, vehicle mileage, vehicle breakdown consequences and other relevant details are mentioned here.

A few other concerns with car rental Sri Lanka are as follows:

  • Check the type of fuel used in the vehicle, avoid mis-fuelling, and refer to the re-fuelling policy of the company.
  • Sri Lankan law requires every vehicle to be insured. Inquire about any charges for damage to the vehicle and what damages would be covered by insurance.
  • Make sure the driver has a valid driver’s license.
  • If you are going to drive the rent a car Sri Lanka, you need either an international driving license or a Sri Lankan temporary driving license.
  • Read the user manual of the car before you begin your journey and know your car thoroughly.
  • Maintain the vehicle throughout your journey by checking pressure in the tyres, filling fuel from a reputable filling station, using recommended lubricants and so on.
  • Foreigners using rent a car Sri Lanka services should have a basic knowledge of the road and driving rules in Sri Lanka.

We, at Baywalk Tours have been in the car rental Sri Lanka industry for several years and are a trustworthy company for your rent a car needs. The vehicles we give on rent are clean and serviced to the manufacturer’s standards in order to ensure that they are in safe, driving condition. If you wish to hire a chauffeur driven vehicle from us, we guarantee that our drivers are well experienced in getting you around to every corner of the island and making sure you have a comfortable holiday in Sri Lanka.