With lots of motorists searching to chop the expense of running their automobiles, there’s been an growing trend of utilizing non genuine parts. However, Honda proprietors must be aware that using non genuine Honda spares might be compromising the security of the vehicle.

FCAI Highlights the problem:

The growing utilization of non genuine Honda vehicle parts has motivated the FCAI (Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries) to focus on the risks using their new website GenuineIsBest.com.au. This website continues to be made to caution motorists and “watch out for fakes” advocating them to make sure that insurers and mechanics use genuine spares. Although some may reason that this is just an approach to boosting vehicle maker’s sales figures. However, the FCAI, who represent producers and complete collection importers around australia, maintain that it’s a safety issue.

The web site uses neat little cartoons to focus on the risks and show motorists that using non genuine or fake parts can result in your automobile being less safe. The instance used on the website is the fact that in case of an accident, changing a door having a non genuine part won’t be as safe in comparison to presenting genuine Honda spares. The claim is created that non genuine parts aren’t exposed towards the same rigorous testing and stringent safety levels you’d find having a genuine or official part.

The FCAI launched an announcement proclaiming their new website is made to provide consumers with vital details about maintaining the security of the vehicle through using “genuine parts in collision, general repairs, and servicing.”

The website lists steps to consider to make sure that the various components utilized by insurers and repairers are genuine. It highlights the task of ascertaining whether an authentic part has been utilized may be the sole responsibility from the vehicle owner. Based on the leader of FCAI, Tony Weber, the website provides Australians with the information needed to make sure that their vehicle is equipped with genuine parts. This can maintain it “drives, functions and safeguards within the exact way intended through the vehicle maker.”

Other Factors:

While safety is essential, it’s not the only real consideration for implementing genuine parts. It ought to be noticed that many fake or cheap generic parts may seem to be less expensive, but this isn’t the situation. Cheaper parts are often made using cheaper materials, meaning there is a shorter lifespan. Which means that while an authentic part may last 3 years, you may want to replace your cheap part three occasions within the same time-frame. This could involve three work charges on the top of the price of the various components, plus the hassle of getting your automobile off course three occasions rather than one. So, you have to think about, if saving a few dollars is actually worthwhile.

If you’d like to understand much more about the advantages of genuine Honda vehicle parts, talk to us. The Prestige Honda aftersales team can present you with a complete selection of Honda spares. We can also be here to reply to questions you might have and may schedule a scheduled appointment for that try to be performed by our service center group of specialists.