Today, the market of disks is quite diverse, and there is a huge variety of opportunities to change the appearance of your car with the help of disks. In fact, the replacement of disks does affect the appearance of a car quite a lot. It is enough to replace the old disks with new ones and your car is likely to stand out in the crowd even if your car is nothing like Porsche 911. Given the fact that for many drivers today a car is not only a means of transportation, but it is also their public image, the disc sales only are only increasing, and tuning is gaining more and more popularity among motorists.

Today, the fact that there are different types of discs is no longer a secret. The main wheel types are alloy wheels and forged wheels. Each type has its drawbacks and its advantages, and therefore, each type gets it buyer.2

Discs are a product, which is divided into different price ranges: inexpensive ones, medium cost ones, expensive ones and very expensive disks. Moreover, the same kind of discs may have a different price. So what does the price depend on? Well, let us say at once that the difference in price is affected by the brand and its popularity on the market. In this case, the clients themselves decide whether they want to overpay for a famous brand or not.

The price of disks also depends on the composition of the material they are made of and the manufacturer country since this is also an important component in the formation of prices.

The price can also be affected by the coating of disks, for example, any paint will be much cheaper as opposed to disks covered with chrome.

If we are talking about the manufacturers, modern drivers choose today, Italian and German disk manufacturers are in the lead since they are known for their high quality and reliability. However, the prices of such disks are rather high, but at the same time the quality is worth it, so if you have enough money to afford Italian or German disks you should definitely go for them.2

In addition, there are drivers who do not neglect the production of Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers, which offer a wide range of products, but there is a good possibility to get a low-quality product, since a couple of technological aspects is missed during the process of manufacturing in order to reduce the cost of production. What’s more, if you have a sports car likes Chevrolet Camaro, it is better opt for trusted brands and steer clear of some no-name ones since you definitely would not want any surprises when driving at 250 km/h.

Nowadays, a Korean manufacturer is also gaining increasing popularity. Unlike the Chinese manufacturer, the Korean one does not aspire to making their products cheap, the purpose here is to provide quality products at an adequate price. So if you do want to spend too much money on some German or Italian disks, you may want to consider getting Korean ones.