Clive Owen, Halle Berry and Jessica Alba; what do these celebrities have in common other than the fact that they have featured in some of the best Hollywood movies? Well, they all love and drive BMWs. For most car enthusiasts, a BMW is that ride you always plan to have even if it takes a lifetime to save up for one.  

From classics, such as BMW 3 Series, sleek rides BMW 1 Coupe, stunning BMW Z8, magnificent M5 Touring to the ingenious BMW M2, every BMW lover has one model they would like to drive. According to BMW Group, the BMW 7 Series was one of the best sellers in 2016 enjoying an 18% sales increase in November alone.

If you are in the market shopping for a new ride, there is no reason to look any further than the Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) stable. If you are in Phoenix, it is now possible to get a new BMW without much hustle. Of course, BMW is also facing stiff competition from other luxury car models but it has managed to fend off such competition.

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Leveraging Motoring Design Excellence  

There is every reason to invest in a BMW. Take a look:

  • Elegance meets functionality: Not only do BMWs come with a refined touch but what you find under the hood is equally impressive. When you buy a new BMW in Phoenix,or if you are interested in finding a BMW dealership you assured of handling prowess when you buy a BMW especially due to the Adaptive M sport suspension that allows different modes.
  • Comfort: BMWs are renowned for their spacious room both for drivers and passengers. The new 2016 3-Serioes for instance, has become a top seller especially as a family car. A new BMW will mostly feature heated seating, leatherette upholstery, power-adjustable front seat, smooth transition and range of wheel and tire combination.
  • Fuel efficiency: The latest models of BMW are designed with energy efficiency in mind. The hybrid power is now available in the plug-in hybrid engine. This engine is eco-friendly and you save a lot of money at the end of the day.

Why aNew BMW?

If you are in the market shopping for a BMW, you might be overwhelmed by the variety of cars available. More importantly, there is the choice of a new and used range of vehicles. However, a new BMW in Phoenixis a better option for a number of reasons:

  1. Easier selection: When buying a new luxury ride, you already know what you want while for a used car you have a wide range of cars that can confuse you.
  2. Excellent ride: A new luxury ride is not only better in terms of performance but also in energy efficiency.
  3. Longer warranty: New BMWs come with longer warranties, which guarantees that your car is always in tiptop condition. This also reduces servicing costs and keeps you safe on the road.
  4. Innovative technology: New BMW models such as the 7 Series have incredible features such as touch screen display, hand gesture technology, NFC and wireless charging, BMW Touch command and sleek navigation options.

Looking for a new BMW model? Start by checking your credit information and budget, take time to research, decide whether to buy or lease.