Motorcycles are a fantastic way to enjoy yourself on the road, especially if you are a bike aficionado. But it is one thing to ride a motorcycle on an open road with not too many cars in the surrounding area, and a completely different matter to ride the same bike on a highway. While getting into accidents on the highway is a danger for everyone on the road, motorcyclists must be particularly wary. The last thing you want is to get into a big crash with a car, which could leave you seriously injured.

Here is a look at five safety tips for riding motorcycles. And for those who have not gotten their license yet, take a look at these steps to take a motorcycle licence test. The test and license procedures are important to know, because you do not want to be driving your motorcycle on the highway without the proper licenses and permits.

  1. AntiLock Brakes

Even though most highway situations involve you riding at a consistent speed on straight lanes, you may find yourself needing to brake suddenly if someone does something rash, or you see an accident up ahead on the road. With anti-lock brakes, it is much easier to brake suddenly and retain control of your bike. These brakes ensure you will not skid out and lose control when you brake rapidly.

  1. Buy What You Can Handle

Do not buy a motorcycle with more power than you can handle. While it is cool to have a massive bike that you can ride around town, you should never put your safety on the backburner. Buy a bike that fits your dimensions and allows you to ride comfortably, without feeling as if you are cramped or stretched out too much.

  1. Hone Skills

Practice riding your bike on different roads before you attempt to take it on the highway. If your first day riding the new bike is on a highway, you are asking for trouble. Practice early in the morning on empty, wide roads before you go into town during rush hour. Going step by step will allow you to build up your confidence before tackling the big, bad highway!

  1. Helmets, Helmets, Helmets

Never, ever take off your helmet when you are riding your bike, especially on the highway. You may think you are always in control, but the slightest incident could result in you losing control and ending up on the floor. And high quality helmets are the only thing that can protect you from serious concussions or more severe head injuries.

  1. Road Gear

Along with the helmet, you also want to invest in other road gear. Get a good jacket for when it gets cold, because you will go to high speeds on most highways. Also make sure you are wearing bright and reflective clothing anytime you plan on riding in the evening and night. You want to be as visible as possible to the various types of cars and trucks on the highway!