Everyone knows the fundamental road safety tips buckle up, observe road signs, don’t speed, watch out for wildlife etc. etc., but listed here are 12 road safety tips which are a little creatively and you are unlikely to consider.

Avoid caffeine and sugary snacks

Although you can find a burst of one’s from the sugar high, it’s short resided and you will feel more tired after. Select a snack for example dried fruit, nuts, or perhaps a muesli bar that have a minimal GI, and stay well hydrated.

Have backup footwear or drive bare feet

Your feet is more prone to accidentally slip from the pedal if you are putting on thongs or high heel shoes. Despite common belief, it’s legal they are driving barefoot – if you are putting on slippery footwear take them of before you decide to drive, or have a backup set of footwear inside your vehicle which have good grip.

Avoid sitting on diesel spots

Even when you drive a gas vehicle, diesel pumps are frequently alongside meaning there might be diesel splilling nearby. Diesel is oilier than unleaded and may leave the soles of the footwear greasy, causing your feet to slide from the pedal.

Don’t swerve to prevent striking a pet

As awful because it is to consider striking and potentially killing a pet together with your vehicle, police advise it’s far better to hit a pet than swerving to prevent it, that could easily result in a serious crash. Consider safeguarding your and yourself vehicle having a bull or roo bar.

You shouldn’t be a hangover drink driver

Remarkably, 20% of drink motorists are caught between 6am and mid-day. This might happen very easily for those who have were built with a heavy nights consuming, visited sleep late and also got up early the following day to get your automobile or drive to operate. Make sure you have sufficient time after your last drink for that alcohol to feed the body.

Be cautious when altering an extra steering wheel

Regrettably every year you will find accidents concerning motorists who’re hit although altering a steering wheel. Make sure you drive your automobile gradually off course, from traffic, or maybe you are on the highway, attempt to reverse your automobile behind a security barrier.

Keep the car headlights on, night or day

Drive together with your car headlights on whatsoever occasions to improve your odds of being seen, particularly in areas rich in pedestrian traffic or lengthy, shady stretches.

Skipped your switch off? Bypass

Don’t take a risk on causing any sort of accident if you attempt to chop across lanes to help make the switch off. Go ahead and take next exit or turn and relish the scenery.

Don’t exaggerate it!

Don’t overload your vehicle’s roof rack – most cars are only able to handle between 60 to 100kg available online for. Any heavier also it could damage the rooftop rails and begin to affect the way your vehicle handles corners because of the elevated center of gravity.

Look at your steering wheel tread

In case your tyres have under 1.4mm of tread depth you could discover yourself in danger – using the law or on the highway. Lots of people measure steering wheel tread in the center of the steering wheel, however, if the edges are worn lower beyond 1.4mm, the automobile is regarded as unroadworthy and harmful. Wheel alignments and looking after the right steering wheel pressure provides you with better vehicle handling and will raise the lifespan of the tyres. Consider buying an aftermarket steering wheel pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

Look at your trailer axles

Likely your trailer or caravan continues to be relaxing in the elements for near to annually. Get the axles and bearings checked and regreased or changed – there’s a high probability the axles might be rusty or even the bearings grabbed.